Lesson 8. Creating a Marketing Package

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This lesson takes approximately 2 hours to complete.


Group objects


Modify fill colors


Crop an image using a shape


Save a template


Export to high-quality PDF

One of the major benefits of Pages is its flexibility. Pages supports a wide range of graphic formats and makes moving elements from one document to another easy. You can drag and drop elements or copy and paste them between open documents.

In addition, you can save a layout as a template. You can create a layout from scratch or significantly modify a built-in template. You can then save this custom template so you can use it to create new projects as well as to update the original project.

In this lesson, you will create three items that have a consistent design.

This lesson focuses on the Pages features for creating custom looks and reusing graphic elements. You will learn how to build your own library of assets for your company, band, project, or other purpose so you can quickly create professional-looking marketing tools.

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