Believe It

You can achieve your goals, regardless of your circumstances. For instance, I recently read about a 73-year-old woman who graduated from college. Her age didnt bother hershe simply set a goal to become a college graduate, and she achieved it.

A similar example comes from Mike Rothberg, founder of Corporate Finance Associates, a worldwide business brokerage firm. Mike saw many associates join his business with enthusiasm , but few ever fulfilled their initial promise.

When Mikes young stepson, Jim, wanted to enter the business, Mike warned him that hed need to have enough money to live on for the first few years until the money started to come in. Jim said hed be fine, and he opened up an office in Colorado. The first year, Jim closed a deal or two and made a decent income. The next year, Jims office performed even better, and his success continued . Practically every month, Jim closed deals that Mike never thought possible.

One day Mike met with Jim and asked his secret. The young man pulled a thin, worn slip of paper from his wallet. He unfolded it and read the following words: In the first year, make $50,000. In the second year, make $100,000. Make 50 percent more each year. Before the tenth year, buy the business. Mike looked puzzled, so Jim explained, You have to know your goals in order to achieve them. I write mind down and keep them with me. I read this piece of paper every daythats how I reach my goals.

Mike stammered, B-but if you do what that paper says, youre going to buy me out!

Nodding, Jim said, Youre already past retirement age, while Im the young blood this company needs. Im learning all I can about the business. You may as well plan to retire sometime in the near future, because I reach every goal I write down and keep in my wallet.

Sure enough, Jim made Mike an offer in a few yearshed met his goal, while Mike stayed on as a consultant for several years afterward. Everyone benefited from the arrangement.

Youre never too old or too young to go after your dreams. It may sound simplistic to say that all you have to do to reach your goals is to write them down, but its true. Write down your objectives, and give yourself a deadline for each one. Keep the paper near you and read it once a day. This technique has worked for Jim and many othersnow its time to put it to work for you.

Attitude Is Everything for Success
Attitude Is Everything for Success
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