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We would like to thank Jan Shanahan of Microsoft for her early support of the project and practical advice, without which this book may never have got off the ground.

We would like to thank our colleagues at Microsoft Consulting Services in Canada for their help: Simona Marin, Shaun Tinline-Jones, and Tamer Farag for working through the text and providing feedback; Jonathan Stynder, for SharePoint assistance; Vince Bryden, for professional services metrics advice; and Rob Wood, for a wealth of practical e-commerce advice. We want to thank Darren Massel for early encouragement and extensive feedback on the book as it progressed. We are also grateful to our manager, Steven Major, whose support and enthusiasm from the beginning was invaluable in keeping us going.

We also need to thank many members of the SQL Server product teams for taking the time to work with us on their areas of expertise in the textany remaining errors that we may have managed to sneak past them are purely a reflection of our own stubbornness. In particular, we want to thank Zhaohui Tang and Jamie MacLennan for data mining advice, Dave Wickert for real-world advice, and especially Thierry D'Hers for his extensive and valuable feedback.

We also want to thank the great team at Addison-Wesley for their professionalism and patience, and all of the reviewers for their input.

Roger would like to thank his family, Nadine, Erik, and Julia, for their patience on this journey. He would also like to thank many of the customers he has worked with from Toronto to Tokyo for their great questions and the opportunity to work with them on their business problems, which helped to frame much of the content of our book.

John would like to thank his wife, Nicolette, for her enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the long book project. He would also like to thank his family for all their support, and in particular Dr. J. D. Hancock for his precedent-setting early practical work. John would like to dedicate his work on this book to Rita Smith for her encouragement of him and so many others, and to Irene Mosley for her kindness and support.

Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005
ISBN: 0321356985
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2007
Pages: 132

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