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Carmen •s Headline Viewer   2nd  
case-sensitivity in XML  
       adding all feeds within category to subscription list  
       Meerkat hierarchy of, turning off  
       removing all feeds from subscription list  
       searching for feeds by  
               Syndic8 functions  
       subscribed to within a subscription list  
category elements  
       RSS 0.92  
ccontainers, RDF  
CDATA section  
CDF (Channel Definition Format)  
CGI scripts, returning JavaScript script with  
CGI-Bin, access to  
changedpage module  
changes to feeds
       frequency of  
       GetChangedFeeds function (Syndic8)  
channel elements
       BlogChannel module subelements  
       cp subelement  
       Dublin Core metadata  
       generator subelement  
       item subelements  
       mod_DCTerms subelements  
       mod_RSS091 subelements  
       mod_syndication subelements  
       mod_taxonomy subelements  
       RSS 0.91
               link subelement  
               optional sub-elements  
               required sub-elements  
       RSS 0.92
               cloud subelement  
               language subelement  
       RSS 1.0  
               changes in  
               cp:server subelement  
               description subelement  
               link subelement  
               mod_admin subelements  
               title subelement  
       ss:aboutStats subelement (mod_servicestatus)  
       str:type subelement  
       ttl subelement  
       URI identifying resource  
       wiki:interwiki subelement  
       AmphetaDesk::Channels module  
       AmphetaDesk::ChannelsList module  
       Channel Definition Format (CDF)  
       in Meerkat queries  
character encodings  
       registered with IANA, full list of  
character references  
children of an item  
children of category, searching for feeds by  
classes, RSS  
client-side includes  
        treating feeds as  
cloud element   2nd  
       checking for with regular expressions  
       denoting publish and subscribe in RSS 0.92  
       protocol attribute  
CMS   [See Content Management Systems]
code point  
codec for streamed media  
       comment element  
       displayable at each karma threshold  
       number attached to an article  
       in XML documents  
company elements  
Company module  
contacts (for live shows)  
containers, RDF
       rdf:Alt element  
       rdf:Bag element   2nd  
               rdf:li subelements  
       rdf:Seq element  
       Content module  
       description for books (book:openingPara element)  
       different formats for same content  
       mod_content module  
Content Management Systems (CMS)
       feed creation in  
       producing HTML and RSS feed  
       structure of  
content syndication
       history of  
       reasons for  
Content-Type header, HTTP  
content: namespace  
content:encoding element  
       rdf:about attribute  
       subelement of content:item  
content:format element  
       rdf:about attribute  
       subelement of content:item  
content:item element
       containing other RSS feeds  
       content:encoding subelement  
       rdf:about attribute  
       subelement of rdf:li  
content:items element  
contributors (dc: contributor element)  
       wiki:host subelement  
       copyright element in RSS 0.91 document  
       dc:rights element  
       implications for RSS feeds  
       rss091:copyright element  
corporate intranets , use of RSS  
coverage (dc:coverage element)  
cp element  
cp:server element  
CreateSubscriptionList function (Syndic8)  
creators (dc:creator element)   2nd   3rd  
crontab, sending feeds from  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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