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data model, RDF  
data-centric applications in XML  
databases of RDF-based documents  
dates and times
       date fields for RSS 2.0  
       date Meerkat first saw story, turning on/off  
       date or date range (dc:coverage)  
       dc:date element  
       dcterms:created element  
       dcterms:issued element  
       end date of an event (ev:enddate element)  
       last build date of a feed (rss091:lastBuildDate)  
       last modification of related item content (dcterms:modified)  
       publishing date  
               dc:date element  
               pubDate element  
       response time (average) of the server  
       server statistics  
       start and end dates, searches by feed changes  
       start date of an event (ev:startdate)  
       time period for stories on Meerkat  
       time-to-live (ttl element)  
       times for start, end, and duration of streamed media  
days (rss091:day element)  
dc elements  
dc:relation element  
DCSV (Dublin Core Structured Values)  
dcterms: namespace  
dcterms:extent element  
dcterms:medium element  
declarations, XML  
DeleteSubscriptionList function (Syndic8)  
department an article appears in  
description elements  
       dc:description element  
       HTML in  
       RSS 0.91  
       RSS 1.0, subelement of channel  
       rss091:description element  
       Submit button in RSS 0.91  
       book content in mod_book design  
       turning on/off in Meerkat queries  
desktop readers  
       automatic subscribing feature  
       blogrolls and subscription lists  
       headline viewers  
       history of  
       subscription icons  
       web sites  
Details elements  
developer •s key for Google API  
Developer •s Token (from  
directories of RSS feeds  
discussions of items, URL for  
distributed RDF  
div elements   2nd  
DMOZ Open Directory   [See Open Directory]
docs element (RSS 0.91)  
Document object model (DOM), XML parsers based on  
document type definition   [See DTD]
documentation, AmphetaDesk program  
Dornfest, Rael   2nd   3rd  
double quotes (") in XML attribute values  
DTD (document type definition)   2nd  
       declaration in RSS 0.91  
       validating RSS against  
Dublin Core metadata
       Meerkat query parameter for  
Dublin Core module   [See also mod_dublincore]2nd  
Dublin Core Structured Values (DCSV)  

Content Syndication with RSS
Content Syndication with RSS
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