DataViewSettingCollection serializable

DataViewSettingCollection serializable

System.Data ( class

This class contains a collection of DataViewSetting objects and is used by the DataViewManager class. The DataViewManager provides one DataViewSetting instance for each DataTable in a DataSet . These DataViewSetting objects can then be used to set default values when creating DataView instances. You can locate an individual DataViewSetting object in this collection using its index, table name , or corresponding DataTable object.

 public class  DataViewSettingCollection  : ICollection, IEnumerable {  // Public Instance Properties  public virtual int  Count  {get; }  // implements ICollection  public bool  IsReadOnly  {get; }     public bool  IsSynchronized  {get; }  // implements ICollection  public object  SyncRoot  {get; }  // implements ICollection  public virtual DataViewSetting  this[string    tableName   {get; }     public virtual DataViewSetting  this[int    index    ]  {set; get; }     public virtual DataViewSetting  this[DataTable    table    ]  {set; get; }  // Public Instance Methods  public void  CopyTo  ( Array   ar   , int   index   );  // implements ICollection  public IEnumerator  GetEnumerator  (  );  // implements IEnumerable  } 

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