Using the Design Gallery

Publisher's Design Gallery is full of smart objects— preformatted design elements, such as logos, coupons, and mastheads, which have a wizard associated with them. You can use the elements in the Design Gallery to customize your publications. You can even create your own custom designs and store them in the Design Gallery, so you can easily find and reuse them in other publications. To insert a Design Gallery object into a publication, follow these steps:

  1. From the Insert menu, choose Design Gallery Object. (You don't have to choose a frame for the insertion. Design Gallery objects are inserted directly into your publication.)

    The Microsoft Publisher Design Gallery dialog box appears. (See Figure 31-8.)

  2. Select the category of design you want to use from the Objects By Category tab. The available objects are illustrated in the window to the right.
  3. If you want to choose an object based on its design style, click the Objects By Design tab, and make your selection from the styles illustrated in that window.
  4. When you have made your choice, click the Insert Object button.

click to view at full size.

Figure 31-8. The Design Gallery dialog box contains an area to store design objects you create.

The following illustration shows a sidebar inserted from the Design Gallery into a newsletter:

click to view at full size.

Now you can move, resize, and format this object, using the wizard that's associated with it. If one particular element in a smart object appeals to you, you can separate it from the rest of the objects by selecting the entire object and choosing Ungroup Objects on the Arrange menu. Although you can't use this ungrouped element with a wizard any longer, you can work with it alone or combine it with designs you have created on your own.

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