Chapter 32 -- Designing a Web Publication

Chapter 32

You probably don't think of yourself as an information designer. But that's really the role you're playing when you gather information and supporting graphics and use Microsoft Publisher to shape them into a publication, such as a flyer, newsletter, or brochure.

In this chapter, you'll learn how easy it is to design electronic publications for the World Wide Web, using the same elements that went into your print publications. In addition to text and graphics, you can add multimedia elements to your publication when it's destined for the Web. Publisher 2000 contains photo images, video clips, sounds, and hundreds of small animation files, called GIFs (for Graphic Interchange Format), which add impact to your site. Using Publisher, you can create truly interactive Web pages by allowing visitors to send you e-mail messages. And, because color is free on the Web, you can brighten your pages by applying colorful backgrounds and vibrant graphics without factoring in print costs.

Publisher wizards are available to guide you through every step of the process, so when you want to reach a worldwide audience on the Web or connect with your colleagues on a company intranet, you can do so without having to become a Web master!

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