Chapter 15 Quick Reference

Chapter 15 Quick Reference


Do this

Create lines or shapes on a form

Use methods in the System.Drawing.Graphics namespace. For example, the following program statements draw an ellipse on the form:

Dim GraphicsFun As System.Drawing.Graphics GraphicsFun = Me.CreateGraphics Dim PenColor As New System.Drawing.Pen _   (System.Drawing.Color.Red) GraphicsFun.DrawEllipse(PenColor, 10, _   120, 200, 160)

Create lines or shapes that persist on the form during window redraws

Place the graphics methods in the Paint event procedure for the form.

Move an object on a form

Relocate the object by using the Location property, the New keyword, and the Point structure. For example:

PictureBox1.Location = New Point(300, 200)

Animate an object

Use a timer event procedure to modify the Left, Top, or Location properties for an object on the form. The timer's Interval property controls animation speed.

Expand or shrink an object at run time

Change the object's Height property or Width property.

Change the transparency of a form

Change the Opacity property.

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