Troubleshooting VPN Connections


This chapter introduced you to the setup and configuration of a Windows-based PC to use the PPTP, L2TP, and L2TP/IPsec protocols to secure connections to a VPN gateway. Because of the limited use of centralized policy control, I prefer to use Cisco VPN clients, like the Cisco VPN software client, the 3002 hardware client, the PIX 501 and 506E security appliances, and the 800, UBR900, and 1700 series routers as remote access clients. However, if you need to support both types of clients, the Cisco VPN gateway products can easily accommodate this need.

Next up is Chapter 14, "3002 Hardware Client," where I show you how to use the Cisco 3002 hardware client to set up secure connections with SOHO sites to a VPN 3000 concentrator at the corporate site.

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
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