Administrative Tasks


This chapter showed you the basics of using the Cisco 3002 hardware client to establish IPsec connectivity to a central site Easy VPN Server. Because of its similarity in management to the VPN 3000 concentrators, many administrators prefer these devices over small-end routers or firewalls for SOHO VPN hardware appliances. I prefer to use the 3002 when split tunneling is not being used and I have more than one person at the SOHO site. I've deployed quite a few of these and because of their simplicity and easy maintenance, they are one of my favorite VPN SOHO appliances.

Next up is Part IV, "IOS Routers," where I show you how to use routers for L2L and remote access sessions (gateways and remote access clients).

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
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