Router Site-to-Site Connections

Where the last chapter focused on ISAKMP/IKE Phase 1, this chapter will focus on ISAKMP/ IKE Phase 2 and what you have to do on a router to set up IPsec site-to-site or LAN-to-LAN (L2L) sessions. As mentioned in Chapter 15, "Router Product Information," routers typically are the best solution for L2L sessions because they support advanced QoS, routing, and L2L scalability features. Some of the topics I discuss here are applicable to remote access connections for an Easy VPN Server, such as static and dynamic crypto maps, address translation, and many others, which you'll see in the next chapter as well. Throughout the chapter I'll go through many examples that illustrate the different types of configurations I discuss. However, I'll reserve an in-depth discussion of troubleshooting commands, such as show and debug, for Chapter 19, "Troubleshooting Router Connections."

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
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