VPN Client Troubleshooting


This chapter introduced you to the Cisco VPN Client for Windows. Installing, configuring, and managing it is fairly easy. And with 4.6 and the auto-update feature, managing it becomes even easier. In the last part of the chapter I devoted quite a few pages to common problems you'll see when setting up remote access sessions. The most common of these problems are: address translation, fragmentation, and Microsoft Network access. Using the client Log event viewer and Windows command tools makes most troubleshooting tasks a simple process.

Next up is Chapter 13, "Windows Software Client," where I show you how to configure Microsoft's Windows Software Client for remote access connectivity to the VPN 3000 concentrators.

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
ISBN: 1587052040
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 178
Authors: Richard Deal
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