Troubleshooting Problems


This chapter showed you the basics of using the concentrator's features to monitor and troubleshoot problems. There are four main tools you'll commonly use to monitor sessions and troubleshoot problems:

  • Use the Administration > Administer Sessions or Monitoring > Sessions screen to monitor VPN and administrative sessions terminated on the concentrator.
  • Use the Live Event Log to get a quick overview of a problem.
  • Use the Filterable Event Log to get more details about a problem.
  • If the Filterable Event Log doesn't illuminate enough information to troubleshoot a problem, configure an Event Class with a higher logging level and then use the Filterable Event Log again to pinpoint the problem.

Next up is Part III, "Clients," where I show you how to use various software and hardware clients for remote access sessions. I'll also go into more depth on troubleshooting various components of VPN sessions with remote access users.

The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
The Complete Cisco VPN Configuration Guide
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