RIP PE-CE Routing Command Reference

Table 4-2 provides the RIP PE-CE routing configuration command summary.

Table 4-2. RIP PE-CE Routing Command Reference



Router(config)#router rip

Configures the RIP routing process.

Router(config-router)#version {1 | 2}

Used to specify RIPv1 or RIPv2 routing protocol.

Router(config-router)#address-family ipv4 [unicast] vrf vrf-name

The address-family command puts the router in address family configuration submode (prompt: (config-router-af)#). Within this submode, you can configure address family specific parameters for routing protocols, such as RIP and BGP, that can accommodate multiple Layer 3 address families.

Router(config-router-af)#network ip-address

Specifies a list of networks for RIP routing process. The command is used in router configuration mode. In an MPLS VPN environment, the command is configured in address-family mode.

Router(config-router-af)#no auto-summary

Disables the default behavior of automatic summarization of subnet routes into network-level routes. RIP Version 1 always uses automatic summarization. If you are using RIP Version 2, you can turn off automatic summarization by specifying the no auto-summary command. Disable automatic summarization if you must perform routing between disconnected subnets. When automatic summarization is off, subnets are advertised.

Router(config-router-af)# redistribute bgp as-number [metric] [transparent]

Redistributes MP-BGP routes into RIP. The transparent option is used when the RIP metric needs to be preserved across the MPLS VPN network for RIP VPN sites.

Router(config)#router bgp as-number

Configures the BGP routing process.

Router(config-router-af)# redistribute rip [metric] value

Redistributes RIP routes into BGP IPv4 VRF routing context.

ip rip receive version [1] [2]

Specifies the RIP version to be received on an interface.

ip rip send version [1] [2]

Specifies the RIP version to be sent on an interface.

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