Implementing Layer 3 VPNs over L2TPv3 Tunnels

Command Reference



Router(config)#l2tp-class [l2tp-class name]

Configures an L2TP class to define the L2TP template

Router(config-l2tp-class)# authentication

Configures authentication for the L2TP template

Router(config-l2tp-class)# password [encryption-type] password

Configures a password for L2TP template authentication

Router(config-l2tp-class)# hello interval

Configures the interval between L2TPv3 hello packets

Router(config)# pseudowire-class [name]

Defines/configures the pseudowire class

Router(config-pw)# encapsulation l2tpv3

Configures the encapsulation type of the pseudowire to be L2TPv3

Router(config-pw)# protocol {l2tpv3 | none} [l2tp-class name]

Configures the protocol for L2TPv3 signaling

Router(config-pw)# ip local interface interface type number

Defines the source interface for the tunnel

Router(config-pw)# ip protocol l2tpv3

Defines the IP protocol for tunneling packets

Router(config-if)# xconnect peer-ip-address vcid encapsulation {l2tpv3 [manual] | mpls} pw-class pw-class-name

Configures the attachment circuit parameters

Router(config-if-xconn)# l2tp id local-session-id remote-session-id

Configures the local and remote session IDs for the tunnel

Router(config-l2tp-class)# l2tp cookie local value

Configures the local L2TP cookie values

Router(config-l2tp-class)# l2tp cookie remote value

Configures the remote L2TP cookie value

Router(config-l2tp-class)# l2tp hello l2tp-class name

Configures the L2TP hello parameters

Router(config)# hw-module slot slot-number mode server

Configures a specific card on a GSR 12000 series router as a tunnel server card

Router(config-if)# tunnel mode l3vpn l2tpv3 multipoint

Configures the tunnel mode to dynamic multipoint L2TPv3

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
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