Local Switching

Command Reference



Router(config-if)# pvc vpi/vci l2transport

Creates an ATM PVC to specify the encapsulation type on an ATM PVC. l2transport is used to specify that the PVC is switched and not terminated.

Router(config-if)#xconnect destination vc-id encapsulation mpls

Enables routing of AToM packets over a specified VC.

Router(config)#connect connection-name interface dlci {interface dlci | l2transport}

Defines connections between Frame Relay PVCs in global configuration mode.

Router(config)#pseudowire-class class-name

Creates a pseudo-wire class.

Router(config-pw-class)# interworking {ethernet | ip}

Enables L2 VPN Interworking. Use the interworking command in pseudo-wire class configuration mode.

Router(config)#connect connection-name interface [dlci | pvc | pvp] interface [dlci | pvc | pvp] [interworking interworking-type]

Creates Layer 2 data connections between two ports on the same router in global configuration mode.

Router#show mpls l2transport vc [vcid vc-id] | [vc-id-min vc-id-max] [interface name [local-circuit-id]] [destination ip-address | name] [detail]

Displays information about AToM VCs that have been enabled to route Layer 2 packets on a router.

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
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