Hierarchical VPLS-Distributed PE Architecture

Command Reference



Router(config)#l2 vfi vfi-name manual

Enables the L2 VFI manual configuration mode.

Router(config-vfi)#vpn id oui:vpn-index

Configures a VPN ID for a VPLS domain. The emulated VCs bound to this L2 VRF use this VPN ID for signaling.

Router(config-vfi)#neighbor remote-router-id encapsulation mpls

Specifies the remote peering router ID and the tunnel encapsulation type or the pseudo-wire property to be used to set up the emulated VC.

Router(config-vfi)#xconnect vfi vfi name

Specifies the L2 VFI that you are binding.


Disconnects all emulated VCs previously established under the L2VFI and prevents the establishment of new attachment circuits.

Router(config)#mpls label protocol {ldp | tdp}

Specifies the default label distribution protocol for a platform.

Router(config)#mpls ldp logging neighbor-changes (optional)

Determines logging neighbor changes.

Router(config)#mpls ldp discovery {hello | targeted-hello} {holdtime | interval} seconds

Configures the interval between transmission of LDP (TDP) discovery hello messages or the hold time for a LDP transport connection.

Router(config)#mpls ldp router-id loopback0 force

Assigns the loopback as the source of TDP/LDP messages.

Router(config)#mpls ip

Enables label switching of IPv4 packets on an interface.

Router(config-if)#mls qos trust [cos | dscp | ip-precedence]

Sets the trusted state of an interface to specify that the ToS bits in the incoming packets contain a DSCP value.


Modifies the switching characteristics of the Layer 2-switched interface.

Router(config-if)#switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

Sets the switch port encapsulation format to 802.1Q. Modifies the switching characteristics of the Layer 2-switched interface.

Router(config-if)#switchport mode trunk switchport trunk allowed vlan

Sets the interface to a trunking VLAN Layer 2 interface. Sets the list of allowed VLANs.

Router(config-if)#switchport access vlan vlan-id

Sets the VLAN when the interface is in access mode.

Router(config-if)#switchport mode [access| trunk| dot1q-tunnel]

Sets the interface as an 802.1Q tunnel port.

Router(config-if)#l2protocol-tunnel [cdp | stp | vtp]

Enables protocol tunneling on an interface.

MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
MPLS Configuration on Cisco IOS Software
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