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software engineering measurement
Software Engineering Measurement
by John C. Munson ISBN:0849315034
Auerbach Publications 2003 (443 pages)

This text lays the basis for measurement standards so that software engineers and system developers can begin to share experimental results in a more meaningful way.

Table of Contents
Software Engineering Measurement
Chapter 1 - The Goals of Software Engineering Measurement
Chapter 2 - The Conduct of Scientific Investigations
Chapter 3 - Measuring Software Development
Chapter 4 - Validation of Software Measures
Chapter 5 - Static Software Measurement
Chapter 6 - Derived Software Measures
Chapter 7 - Modeling with Metrics
Chapter 8 - Measuring Software Evolution
Chapter 9 - Software Specification and Design
Chapter 10 - Dynamic Software Measurement
Chapter 11 - The Measurement of Software Testing Activity
Chapter 12 - Software Availability
Chapter 13 - Implementing a Software Measurement Plan
Chapter 14 - Implementing a Software Research Plan
Appendix 1 - Review of Mathematical Fundamentals
Appendix 2 - A Standard for the Measurement of C Programming Language Attributes
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Software Engineering Measurement
Software Engineering Measurement
ISBN: 0849315034
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 139
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