The menu controls

Here are the names of all the Pop menu controls and the toolbar controls that are visible when a game is open . The menu controls which have a corresponding toolbar button have an asterisk after them.

File popup

Start or Restart Game

New Game Window * Open...*, Close, Save...*, Save As...

Recent File

Mute *

Pause *, Motion Smoothness...


View popup

3D OpenGL Graphics*, 2D Windows Graphics*

Reset Viewpoint

Keep Player in View, Ride the Player

No Background, Solid Background, Bitmap Background

Solid Objects, Wireframe Objects

Shoot cursor *, Pick cursor *, Drag cursor *, Pin cursor *, Zap cursor *, Replicate cursor *

Toolbar, Status Bar

Game popup

Wrap, Bounce

Spacewar, PickNPop, Airhockey, Ballworld, Dambuilder, Worms, 2DStub, 3DStub, Defender3D

Small Critter Count, Medium Critter Count, Large Critter Count, Huge Critter Count

Mixed Sprites *, Bitmaps *, Asteroids *, Bubbles *, Simple Polygons *, Fancy Polygons *, Polypolygons *

Player popup


Arrow Key Controls, Scooter Controls, Car Controls, Spaceship Controls, Hopper Controls, Mouse Controls

Deadly Bullets, Rubber Bullets

Auto Play

Window popup

Additional View of Current Game, Cascade, Tile, Arrange Icons, Split

Autotile, Autofocus

Help popup

About The Pop Framework..., Your System's OpenGL Graphics Support, Pop Program User's Guide

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