Part II: Ready, Aim, Firefox

Chapter List

Chapter 4: Finding Information Online
Chapter 5: Bookmarking Great Sites
Chapter 6: Returning to Sites You've Visited
Chapter 7: Browsing with Tabs
Chapter 8: Filling In Forms Quickly
Chapter 9: Blocking Popup Ads
Chapter 10: E-Mailing with Thunderbird
Chapter 11: Downloading and Saving Files
Chapter 12: Printing Web Pages
Chapter 13: Finding Additional Help

The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant

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In this part

So you already had "the talk" with your former browser and you're ready to dig in deep with Firefox. This part delivers the goods. This part begins with a tour of Firefox's innovative search capabilities in Chapter 4 and then dives into powerful bookmark features in Chapter 5. Be sure to pause at the end of Chapter 6 and give your surfing habits a proper eulogy, because Chapter 7 shows you the new way to get around the Web: tabbed browsing.

There's plenty of other fun to be had along the way, including an exploration of Firefox's history and downloading features. Oh, and don't mind that music in the background. It's just the sweet, sweet sound of popup blocking. Enjoy!

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Firefox For Dummies
Firefox For Dummies
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EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 157
Authors: Blake Ross

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