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Firefox includes a powerful Bookmarks Manager for organizing your bookmark collection, but it has a quirk that might aggravate frequent filers: You have to edit a bookmark's properties through a separate window. Whenever you want to rename a bookmark, for example, you must right-click the bookmark, choose Properties, and work inside the Properties window.

The Flat Bookmark Editing extension streamlines this process by flattening the Properties window into the Bookmarks Manager, as illustrated in Figure 22-7. As you can see, the OK and Cancel buttons are gone. That's because changes to properties take effect as soon as you make them, with no need to save explicitly. The Flat Bookmark Editing extension saves you just a few seconds per bookmark, but over time that adds up to a big win.

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Figure 22-7: The Flat Bookmark Editing extension flattens the Properties window into the Bookmarks Manager so you can organize faster.

How it works After you install Flat Bookmark Editing, you see the property fields in a panel at the bottom of the Bookmarks Manager. You're ready to go!

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