Before you can print documents from your applications, you first need to install and configure a printer. Understanding the different types of printers can help you purchase the printer that best meets your printing needs. A variety of printers are available, such as laser, inkjet, impact, and photo printers. All-in-One units include the ability to print, scan, fax, and copy documents in one piece of hardware.

You can connect printers directly to a computer using a parallel or USB port. You can also access printers over the network using the New Printer Wizard. The Printer Properties dialog box enables you to configure the selected printer.

Fonts allow you to design and print your documents using different text styles. All the installed system fonts are located in the Fonts folder in the Control Panel.

You can upgrade your printer's ability to spool larger files or multiple print jobs by increasing its memory. Larger printers include multiple paper trays for handling big print jobs.

Documents are printed from applications using the Print dialog box, which lets you choose from the available printers. You can also configure the document using the Page Setup and Print Preview dialog boxes.

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