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Can I write complex programs in Normal mode?


Certainly. However, the better you become at ActionScript, the more the Normal mode will slow you down. Think of the Normal mode as training wheels for novice programmers.


If I write a program in Normal mode, can I go back and edit it under Expert mode?


Yes. You can always switch from Normal mode to Expert mode and continue to modify the same code. However, you can only switch from Expert mode back to Normal mode if there are absolutely no syntax errors or incomplete commands in the code.


How do I know whether the online help file I am using is up-to-date?


Check the Macromedia Web site occasionally for updates to the online help system. If they update it, they will include an installer or instructions on how to update your help.


Typing in the Actions panel seems slow. Is there any way to speed it up?


If you have a slower machine, the Actions panel can seem slow. You can speed it up by closing all other panels and turning off some of the formatting and colorization options.

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