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The quiz questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material covered in this hour . The answers to the questions follow.



How do you switch between Normal and Expert mode?


You can use the pop-up menu at the upper-right corner of the Actions panel. You can use the View Options button inside the panel. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, Command+N and Command+E on the Mac or Ctrl+N and Ctrl+E in Windows.


Can you use the category lists of keywords in Expert mode?


Yes. You can insert keywords into the script with the category list of keywords even in Expert mode.


What is a quick way to check for syntax errors in Expert mode?


You can use the Check Syntax button in the Actions panel in Expert mode to make sure that you don't have any syntax errors.


Why shouldn't you use commands in the Depreciated category?


These commands are all obsolete. They may not be supported in future versions of Flash. In addition, there are more modern alternatives for each of them.

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