FDISK (DOS and 9x only)

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Opens a program that allows creation and deletion of partitions, and the viewing of partition information. Once the program is open, it is no longer a command-line program, but instead is menu based.


While booted into DOS, type FDISK to open the program. Two switches will also perform functions without opening the menu-based program.


/mbr: This will replace the master boot record (MBR). The MBR is the first sector on the hard disk. There is a small program in the MBR that tells the system which partition is bootable. You cannot boot without the MBR being intact. Use this switch to replace a damaged MBR. This can occur if there is a boot-sector virus, or for other reasons. Try using this if you can't boot and you can't determine another cause. Using this switch does not open the menu-based program.

/status: This will display information about the partition. Using this switch does not open the menu-based program.

/x: Ignores extended disk partition support. If you receive a disk access or stack overflow error, use this switch; /x can be used with /status, but if used by itself, the menu-based program does open.

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