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Chapter 1: Overview

Table 1.1: PC Repair Tools

Chapter 2: System Configuration and Computer Hygiene

Table 2.1: Common Reserved Resources

Chapter 8: Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters

Table 8.1: Display Colors
Table 8.2: Display Setting Anomalies
Table 8.3: Common Video Problems and Solutions

Appendix B: Practical Troubleshooting Table

Dead Computer
System Powers On but Won't Boot Properly or at All
Bad Performance/Erratic Behavior
Software Installation Problems
Heat Problems
Video Problems
Sound Problems
Printing Problems
Lost Data/I Can't Open My Files/I Can't Find My Files
Problems with Hardware Peripherals
Floppy Drives/Optical Drives Don't Work
Hard Drive Problems
Unusual Noise
Internet and Modem Problems

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