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Chapter 2: System Configuration and Computer Hygiene

Tutorial 2.1: Accessing Control Panel
Tutorial 2.2: Reinstalling Printer Software
Tutorial 2.3: Accessing Device Manager
Tutorial 2.4A: Reinstalling a Known Driver in Device Manager
Tutorial 2.4B: Letting Windows Select the Best Driver to Install
Tutorial 2.5a: Booting into Safe Mode in Windows 9x
Tutorial 2.5b: Booting into Safe Mode in Windows 2000 and XP

Chapter 8: Video, Sound, Modems, and Network Adapters

Tutorial 8.1: Setting Display Properties in Windows (all versions)
Tutorial 8.2: Setting the Refresh Rate

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting

Tutorial 11.1: Making an XP/2000 Boot Floppy
Tutorial 11.2: Creating 2000 Setup Boot Floppies from the CD-ROM

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