Conventions We Use

The conventions we use in this book are as follows :


Indicates code.


Highlights a new term .


Is a navigational aide that highlights a topic being discussed.


Encloses an object's declaration as it appears in the corresponding header file.

Indicates a coding practice that is not recommended. The indicated code may be syntactically correct, but it may be inefficient, unsafe, or problematic in other ways, as discussed in the corresponding text.


Introduces one of our tips. Tips can be either things to do or things not to do; they are highlighted to draw your attention to important information.


Indicates a comment in the code. In the interest of brevity, the code comments that we include in the book do not include the full comments that are present in the source code. The CD-ROM contains the complete source code, which is fully commented.

Applied C++
Applied C++: Practical Techniques for Building Better Software
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