Physical security of your hardware can be as important to the security of your data as the secure configuration of your operating system. If you consider system security as including the maintenance of your system in a stable, maximally usable condition, security also involves making intelligent policy decisions regarding the use and users of your system. Depending on your particular circumstances, you'll need to take some of the recommendations in this chapter more seriously than others, or you may even need to consider threats more outlandish than some we've outlined here. Spy films are spy films , but many of the snooping technologies depicted have some basis in reality. If you're attempting to protect the boss's computer against industrial espionage, you need to seriously consider which attacks might be brought to bear against your hardware, your users, and your network. If you're supporting a facility with student users who have too much free time on their hands, you might be up against an even larger challenge.


Mac OS X Maximum Security
Maximum Mac OS X Security
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