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Font Websites

There are many places that you can download fonts, including free fonts. Just do a search on your favorite web search site, and you should be pleased with the results, perhaps even overwhelmed. Table 6.1 includes a few sites here to get you started. However, for your reference, we include sites other than ones with just downloadable fonts.

Table 6.1. Font-Related Websites




iFree Top Font Sites

Lists many links to font sites.


Lists many links to font sites, both free and shareware.

Karen's Koncepts Free Fonts Resources

Lists many links to sites with fonts, both free and shareware.

A site where you can buy fonts through participating foundries. Provides some font utilities to help you find the right font. Has links to other font sites and font utility sites. WhatTheFont

The direct link's WhatTheFont utility. This interesting utility can be used to try to identify a font from a scanned image.

Identifont identify fonts and typefaces

A site that helps you identify a font by asking a series of questions about the font.

Apple Fonts/Tools

Apple's technical site on fonts and font development.

TrueType Typography: TTF fonts & technology

An informative site onTrueType typography. Includes info about history and specification.

Adobe Solutions Network: OpenType Specification

Lists the Adobe type specification, including OpenType.

Free Fonts, TrueType, OpenType, ClearType Microsoft Typography

Microsoft's Typography site. Includes technical information as well as a link to Microsoft's free fonts.

Microsoft Typography Fonts and products

Provides a listing of what fonts come in what Microsoft products. Does not include images of the fonts.

Unicode Home Page

Includes information on Unicode and the Unicode standard.

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