Installing Enterprise Edition Unattended

You can use one of the Microsoft ISA Server unattended configuration files that come with ISA Server 2004 to automate its installation. There are two steps to automate the installation of ISA Server:

Configure one of five configuration files located in FPC folder on the ISA Server CD

  • UninstallServer.ini: Uninstall a server.

  • InstallJoinedServer.ini: Install a computer running ISA Server services, and join it to a specific array.

  • InstallNewArrayAndServer.ini: Install a computer running ISA Server services, and create a new array named ARRAY_NAME.

  • InstallNewManagementServer.ini: Install a Configuration Storage Server.

  • InstallStandaloneServer.ini: Install ISA Server services and Configuration Storage Server.

Run the unattended installation from the command line

Follow these steps to conduct an unattended installation:

  1. On the ISA Server 2004 CD, open the Fpc folder to locate one of the five answer files.

  2. Modify the answer file to reflect your settings. Remove the semicolon before the entry you wish to customize, and configure the value. See the ISA Server Help file for more information on the settings that you can configure. After modifying the file, save it to a location on your computer.


    If you do not specify a value, Setup uses the default value.

  3. At a command prompt, or within a script, run Setup in Quiet Mode and specify the path to the answer file as shown here:

     "PathToISASetup\setup.exe" /v /Q[b|n]  FULLPATHANSWERFILE="\PathToINIFile\INI_filename\" 

    For example, if you were installing ISA Server Enterprise Edition from a CD in the D drive, and had customized the unattended configuration file, and saved it to the C drive, your command line would look like this:

     "D:\setup.exe" /v /Qb  FULLPATHANSWERFILE="\C:\InstallJoinedServer.ini\" 

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