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First of all, I want to thank my wife Joy, the real writer in the family, for supporting me through this process. It's not easy to take so much time away from someone you love for a project like this. Thanks for understanding and helping me manage my priorities.

Thanks also to Fabian, who has helped answer questions from the very beginning and who has been a major contributor to the book, both in content and in critique. And thanks to all the other contributing writers who have helped tell their particular part of the Knoppix story. In true community spirit, thanks to Eaden McKee and the rest of the forum for their excellent documentation, in particular the remastering instructions.

Extra thanks to Greg for making this all possible and to Brick for helping me through this and keeping me on track (and taming that darn passive voice). Thanks to all my friends for your continued encouragement, especially Jorge, whom I thought of whenever I wrote a system-recovery hack.

And of course, who can forget Klaus Knopper, the guy who started it all. Thanks for Knoppix; it has certainly saved me more than once. It's a true testament to your ingenuity that Knoppix is so flexible and just plain useful that it has been used by so many other projects.

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