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The following people contributed their writing, code, and inspiration to Knoppix Hacks:

  • John Andrews [Hack #84] is the creator of Damn Small Linux. He has no formal IT or technical computer training. He likes to play with GNU tools and loves an efficient, open source desktop.

  • Jacob Appelbaum [Hacks 18, 44, and 45] is a security professional who primarily works with nonprofits and is currently employed at the Rainforest Action Network. His interests include cryptography, covert channels of communication, tunneling, monitoring wireless devices, music, activism, and reading. He would also like to note that he went warflying with Knoppix, using kismet in the San Francisco bay area before the Tom's Hardware people did it in Southern California.

  • Dirk Eddelbuettel, Ph.D., [Hack #88] is the creator of Quantian and has been a long-time participant in free software/open source development. He lives and works in Chicago.

  • Hilaire Fernandes [Hack #83] is a member of OFSET (Organization for Free Software in Education and Teaching) and a developer for Freeduc.

  • Fabian Franz [Hacks 27, 29, and 38] studies computer science at the University of Karlsruhe and has been an active member of the Knoppix project since 2003. Fabian is the author of the Knoppix live-software installation program and does research in several fields of live-CD technology. In 2004, Fabian created the FreeNX server as a full, free-terminal server application, which uses the open source core components of the NX X compression technology.

  • Alex Garbutt [Hack #36] is a 20-year-old computer science and engineering major at the University of California, Davis. He currently works tech-support in the computer science labs on campus.

  • Marco Ghirlanda [Hack #82] , born in Milan in 1977, lives in Turin, Italy. After completing classical studies (Liceo Classico Parini) in Milan, he moved to Turin to earn a degree in communication studies in 2002. Marco works as the open source manager at the Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park of Turin, making Opensourcelab and Mediainlinux with a geographically distributed team.

  • James Greenhalgh [Hack #88] is a partner and developer for Open Door Software Inc., a Linux service corporation in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. James manages varying tasks , ranging from bookkeeping to database administration and SQL programming. His first experience with Linux was in 1994 while attending York University in Toronto. He has been running Debian Unstable since 2000.

  • Alex de Landgraaf [Hacks 80, 99, and 100] is an AI student at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and part-time code monkey at the web design company AddMissions. A relative newcomer to free software/open source software, Alex's motto is to be as lazy as possible, but not lazier than that. He started Morphix in early 2003 and he believes the production of flexible live CDs is the way toward solving annoying problems (and monopolies).

  • Matthias Mikule [Hack #85] is the creator of INSERT. He finished his diploma thesis in theoretical physics, "Numerical analysis and simulation of a socio-dynamic group model," at the Universitat Stuttgart in 1996. He is the co-owner of Inside Security IT Consulting GmbH.

  • Simon Peter [Hacks 30 and 31] has been using Knoppix for years and is the initial developer of klik . At the time of this writing, he is conducting research on economic and business implications of open source software and Nanocompetition, just after having completed his studies of economics and management at Witten/Herdecke (Germany), Purdue, and Harvard University. He can be reached at

  • Karl Sigler (a.k.a. t1ck_t0ck) [Hack #87] has been teaching information security for nearly a decade and is currently a security instructor in Atlanta, GA. In his spare time, he is the creator/maintainer of the Knoppix-STD Linux distribution.

  • Wim Vandersmissen [Hack #88] is a system/network administrator, and he has been using Linux for over eight years now and still likes to play with it. He is the creator of ClusterKnoppix.

  • Jascha Wanger [Hack #86] has been a network and security consultant for the past eight years. At 22, Jascha began his security consultation in Texas as co-owner of a systems integration firm. Jascha currently works with Local Area Consulting, where he holds the position of VP of Security Solutions. With his work, Jascha has forged new ground designing security solutions and compliance tools for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. In his free time, Jascha enjoys collecting records (the vinyl kind) and rock art posters . Most of his free time is dedicated to his project.

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