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As with so many great open source projects, Knoppix started because Klaus Knopper had an itch to scratch. Klaus wanted to take many of his favorite open source tools with him so he could work wherever he went and on any computer he had access to. Because he didn't want the expense of a laptop or the worry of losing or damaging it, he created a bootable Linux CD distribution called Knoppix. With Knoppix, Klaus was able to go from computer to computer and get right to work with an operating system and environment he was familiar with, and without the need to install software on every computer he came in contact with. Many people only view Knoppix as a Linux demo disk, a job it does perform quite well, but even from the beginning, Knoppix was to be used to get real work done.

Klaus wanted to be able to work on any computer, regardless of the hardware in the system, so he continued to improve the hardware support for Knoppix until it was able to recognize and automatically configure much of the hardware it came in contact with. There are a lot of live Linux CDs, but Knoppix's excellent hardware support, combined with the general flexibility of the included software, has made Knoppix the most popular.

Over the years , I have used many different live CDs both as demonstration disks and for system recovery. I have never been a Boy Scout, but I have always liked the idea of being prepared for anything, and at any moment, I might have been carrying a DemoLinux CD or a LinuxCare Bootable Business Card with me, along with a number of other tools, including a Swiss Army knife. I've found that it's handy to have both a screwdriver and a knife in my pocket while crawling under a desk to fix a machine or running cabling through the ceiling, and the Swiss Army knife gives me those tools in a compact form. My use of the Swiss Army knife probably has a lot to do with all the MacGyver watching I did as a kid. I marveled at how he seemed to get out of just about any jam with a few simple tools that fit in his pocket. Knoppix has quickly become my preferred software Swiss Army knife. I no longer have to carry around a lot of different CDs and floppies, because a single Knoppix CD provides everything I need. What's better, I can easily (and legally) make copies of it for my friends , or customize it to have the special tools only I need because it is an open source CD.

This book shows you how to use Knoppix to its full potential with steps to use it as your desktop distribution, your rescue CD, and a launching point for your own live CD. You will find ways to use Knoppix that you may have never considered , and you may even think of ways to use Knoppix beyond what this book covers. I started this book as a Knoppix fan, but once I starting writing down the sheer number of things it can do, I quickly became a Knoppix zealot. I hope you find this book and Knoppix itself as useful and indispensable as I have.

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