The Other Backgrounds

Although the process in the previous section took some time, it creates a really nice background with a lot of movement. Based on what you've done in earlier exercises, you could easily replace the footage to create the same background in green, purple, and yellow. However, in the interest of time, the remaining backgrounds are included as QuickTime Movies on the DVD. You can access them as follows:


In the Project window, create a new folder named Squares BG.


Move the Orange Squares BG composition into the folder.


Import the following files from the DVD into the Squares BG folder:

  • Green Squares

  • Purple Squares

  • Yellow Squares

Getting organized

This project contains a lot of items, so let's take the time to organize the Project window now:


Create a new folder named Orange Squares, and move the Pale Orange Squares, Light Orange Squares, Mid Orange Squares, and Dark Orange Squares comps into it.


Create a new folder named Phases within the Orange Squares folder, and move the various Phases compositions into it.

An organized Project window is easier to work with

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