Building More Elements

Next, you'll create a 3D element in black and white that you can use as a matte for any color solid. It's a fun little flip that will showcase the client's products.

The first step


In the Project window, create a folder named Flips.


In the Flips folder, add a new composition named Horizontal Flip that has dimensions 720x540, Frame Rate 29.97, and Duration 10;00 seconds.


Create a new solid named Flip_Square that has dimensions 150x150 and is colored white (RGB: 255, 255, 255).


Normally, you wouldn't use pure white for broadcast. However, this will be a matte, so it won't be visible.


Turn on this layer's 3D switch in the Timeline.


Set up a four-comp view (Window > Workspace > Four Comp Views) so you can see the solid rotate in space.


Set the layer's Anchor Point to 0, 75, 0 and its Position to 360, 270, 0.


Go to time 0;10, and add a keyframe for Y Rotation with a value of 0 x +0.0.


Press Home to go to time 0;00, and then change the Y Rotation to 0 x +90.

Working in 3D space to make the flip

Save and preview your work. You can then return to the default one-comp view (Window > Workspace > 1 Comp View).

A chorus line

The results so far don't seem all that impressive. You'll make the project more interesting by duplicating your comp and then repositioning the layers to create a line of flipping squares:


Create a new composition named Line Flip that has dimensions 720x540, Frame Rate 29.97, and Duration 10;00 seconds.


Add the Horizontal Flip comp to the Timeline at 0;00, and then duplicate it twice.


Go to time 1;00 so you can see the squares as you work. Set the following positions:

Layer 1: 460, 270

Layer 2: 285, 270

Layer 3: 110, 270

Timeline with three flips

Now the squares flip simultaneously; but to get the domino effect, you need to stagger their In points:


Go to time 0;03, select layer 2, and press [ to move its In point.


Go to time 0;06, select layer 1, and press [.

Staggering the In points of the layers to time the flips like falling dominoes

Save and preview your work.

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