Preparing to Work

The six sides of the video cube you'll build are made with four movies and two copies of an Illustrator file. You'll import these files and create your first set of compositions next.

To prepare for this project, do the following:


Start with a new project, and save it as Ch22VideoCubes.


Import the MovieClips and Stills folders from this chapter's folder on the DVD into the Project window.


To create a new composition for each of the movie clips all at once, select all four movie files in the project window, and then drag them simultaneously onto the Create A New Composition button located at the bottom of the window.


In the resulting dialog, set the Create option to Multiple Compositions, and click OK. Four new compositions named for each movie appear in the Project window. You'll work with these in the next section.


Create a new composition named Main, using the NTSC D1 Square Pix, 720x540 comp preset.


If the composition's background isn't already colored black, choose Composition > Background Color and set it to RGB: 0, 0, 0.

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