Section 19.9. Summary

19.9. Summary

  • TurboGears provides several graphical tools to help you get started more quickly, and to maximize your productivity.

  • The ModelDesigner provides a quick and easy way to define your database structureand it even gives you free database diagrams.

  • CatWalk makes is easy to add sample data to your database before you start work on your user interface!

  • The WebConsole and SystemInfo tools make it easy to test your application through a web interface, and get a list of the versions of all the libraries included in your TurboGears install.

  • The Widget Browser gives you an up-to-date look at all the widgets installed on your system, along with descriptions, documentation, and sample code.

  • The tg-admin command gives you access to a variety of features like quckstart, sql create, and shell, that we've been using throughout the book to start new projects, manipulate the database, and create database tables.

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