Section 19.8. Other TurboGears Tools

19.8. Other TurboGears Tools

TurboGears includes a number of optional tools for you to use if your application has specific requirements. There are also third-party tools like TurboMail. We can't cover all of these here, and new tools are popping up every day. But here's a list of a few tools that might save you some time if you need them:

  • Scheduler TurboGears includes support for a cron-like scheduler based on Kronos. You can find more information about the scheduler at

  • Configuration TurboGears uses ConfigObj to parse configuration files. You can find out more about how this works at

  • logging TurboGears reuses the logger module from Python's standard library. You can learn more about TurboGears logging at, and more about the logger at:

  • paginate When you need to paginate tabular results, TurboGears provides a simple decorator-based pagination mechanism that you can read more about at

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