Section 19.7. The tg-admin Command

19.7. The tg-admin Command

We've already seen the tg-admin command, but there's a lot more that it can do than just quickstart a new project, and even the quickstart option has some features we haven't touched upon yet. The core options of tg-admin are:

  • quickstart Creates a new directory based on the project and package names provided; has switches to use SQLAlchemy (-s) or use alternate project templates (-t tgbig)

  • shell Opens a new interactive shell with our model imported (When using SQLObject your database changes should autocommit)

  • i18n Internationalization is covered in depth in Chapter 20

  • sql Wraps around the SQLObject sql-admin command with your connection parameters pre-defined based on the information in your project's config file

  • toolbox Starts up the web-based Toolbox (You can use -n to not automatically open a browser window and -c to allow other specific IP addresses beyond the default localhost to connect to the Toolbox instance)

  • info Lists current versions of all installed TurboGears components

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