Chapter 15. Effective Ajax with MochiKit

In This Chapter

  • 15.1 Handling Asynchronous EventsIncluding Ajax Requests 274

  • 15.2 Handling JavaScript Events with MochiKit.Signal 282

  • 15.3 Visual Effects for That "Wow Factor" 290

  • 15.4 Summary 308

We've seen how MochiKit brings many good features that you can use for your applications today from Python into JavaScript. It also provides a number of functions that make different kinds of browser-specific programming tasks easier.

Users of web applications today demand quite a bit more from their applications than they did a few years ago. The functions that we learned about in the previous chapter help quite a bit, but there remains a large gap between those functions and the kinds of things that web applications need to do.

This chapter introduces MochiKit's functions for Ajax: timers, browser events, visual effects, and drag-and-drop. The functions on display here give your software the features and feel that they need with very little coding.

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