Section 14.9. Summary

14.9. Summary

  • MochiKit includes an interactive interpreter demo that gives you an experience similar to what you get with Python's interactive interpreter.

  • MochiKit.Base makes comparison and representation in JavaScript more flexible and useful.

  • Base also provides a bunch of the functions that you know and love from Python such as map and filter.

  • JavaScript 1.7 includes Python-style iterators, but it will be a while before we have universal browser support for that version of JavaScript. MochiKit.Iter gives you that capability now.

  • MochiKit.Logging provides an easy way to debug your JavaScript that works in any browser.

  • Creating and working with Document Object Model (DOM) nodes is simplified by MochiKit.DOM.

  • MochiKit.Color knows how to convert between color representations so that you can get just the color you need to appear on the page.

  • JavaScript includes a Date object, but doesn't help you convert from common external formats. MochiKit.DateTime includes functions for converting dates and times with the outside world.

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