Security Options

When you double-click the Security icon, you see the Security Options dialog box. These options affect your entire mailbox. You can also set up the encryption and digital signature default options using the Send Options tab. Remember, this tab is a duplicate of the Security tab under Send Options.


One of the most important security options is located on the Password tab, which is shown in Figure 11.13. You use this password to enter your mailbox when you start GroupWise and with the Web access gateway, routed item completion, and remote mode configuration.

Figure 11.13. This dialog box controls the password for your mailbox.

To set a password on your mailbox, follow these steps:


Double-click the Security icon and click the Password tab once.


If you are changing a password, enter your old password in the Old Password field.


Type a password in the New Password field and in the Confirm New Password field. Click OK to set the password. The next time you start GroupWise, you must type in your password.


The Clear Password button is visible in remote or cache modes or if your GroupWise system is not configured for LDAP authentication. It is generally not a good idea to clear your GroupWise password. Clicking this button will clear your remote/cache or online password based on the mode you are in.


Figure 11.13 shows that the administrator has enabled LDAP authentication. LDAP authentication allows you to use your network password (eDirectory password) to log in to GroupWise. If the change password interface is grayed out, the administrator has set your GroupWise system so that you cannot change your LDAP (or network) password through the GroupWise client. Your administrator should then provide an alternate method that you can use to change your network or GroupWise password in this case.

After you have set up your password, you can move ahead to configuring the Notify options.


The Notify tab enables you to use the Notify program to alert you when you receive a message or even when someone else receives a message. You can also be alerted by alarms set in your own calendar as well as in other people's calendars. As with the Proxy feature, the other person must grant you the right to subscribe to notifications or alarms within his or her GroupWise account. (See "Using the Proxy Feature" in Chapter 8 for instructions on granting access to your mailbox.) The Notify tab's options are shown in Figure 11.14.

Figure 11.14. You can use Notify to be alerted to other users' email messages and appointments.

To receive notification when someone else receives a message (or to be alerted for another person's alarms), follow these steps:


On the Notify tab of the Security Options menu, click the Address Book icon to the right of the Name field. Select a user from the list and click OK. Alternatively, you can type the name of the user in the Name field and click Add User.


With that person's name highlighted in the Notification List, check the Subscribe to Alarms or Subscribe to Notification box. Notice that your name is already on the list because, by default, you are subscribed to your own alarms and notifications.


Click OK to apply your change. Your Notify program will now alert you for messages and/or alarms for both yourself and the other users you selected. Remember that in order to receive notifications when other users get mail, these other users must grant you the rights to subscribe to their notifications and alarms.

In the next section, you establish the rights other people have to your mailbox through Proxy.

Proxy Access

The Proxy Access tab establishes the rights that other users have to your mailbox when they use Proxy. This process is explained in detail in Chapter 8.

Send Options

The Send Options tab of the Security Options dialog box is described in the "Security" section earlier in this chapter.

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