Deleting Documents

If you have Delete rights, you can delete documents from the library. You have three choices when deleting documents:

  • Remove Document from Folder This option deletes the document reference from your mailbox, but the actual document remains in the library.

  • Delete the Selected Version from Library This option deletes the document reference and the selected version of the document, but previous versions remain in the library.

  • Delete All Versions of the Document from Library This option removes the document reference from your mailbox and all versions of the document from the library.

GroupWise automatically deletes documents that have exceeded their defined document life, as specified in the document type definition. Each document type has an expiration date and expiration action (delete or archive). Your system administrator configures the expiration date and expiration action. The only control you, as a GroupWise user, have over how long a document is stored is in selecting a specific document type. If you have questions about how long specific document types are stored, contact your GroupWise administrator.

To delete a document, follow these steps:


Highlight the document reference in your mailbox.


Choose Edit, Delete (or right-click and select Delete).


Choose the deletion method you want, as described earlier in this section.


Click OK.

The document is deleted according to the method you selected. If you get an error message that indicates the deletion failed, you do not have Delete rights to the document or library.

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