During the project's kickoff meeting, do you make sure the other team members contribute to insights concerning:

  1. What our mission is

  1. What is scope statement is

  1. Who our customers are

  1. What our customers value

  1. What our deliverables are

  1. What our plan is


During other project team meetings, do you encourage team members to:

  1. Reach a consensus before a decision is made

  1. Evaluate options objectively based on fact rather than feeling

  1. Feel comfortable with the decisions that are reached

  1. Think about the project's goals and objectives as alternatives are discussed and decisions are made

  1. Take project constraints seriously but to find ways to best handle them

  1. Limit the number of assumptions that are made, since they will limit the team's options later in the project

  1. Consider new alternatives and innovative ways to solve problems and resolve issues

  1. Participate fully and offer ideas and suggestions in areas in which they can contribute

  1. Provide information that may challenge the existing plan in order to suggest opportunities to further the project's goals and objectives

  1. Inform others if they do not agree with the decisions that are made


Do you feel that it is important for you to:

  1. Set high standards of performance based on your own goals and objectives

  1. Describe the broader implications of the team's decisions and actions

  1. Express confidence in the team's ability to meet or exceed the project's goals and objectives

  1. Specify the importance of each team meeting

  1. Look for different perspectives on the various issues that are under discussion

  1. Emphasize the importance of working together as a team even though the team does not work together in a collocated setting

  1. Help develop an appreciation for the views and ideas of other team members

  1. Seek alternative and innovative ways to accomplish the project's goals and objectives

  1. Place a high priority on learning and experimenting with new approaches and ideas




Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams
Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams
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