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For customers interested in Linux who are seeking powerful and reliable servers to support their applications, IBM eServer pSeries offers 64-bit POWER systems to match their requirements at lower costs. Unlike other servers supporting solely high performance Linux needs, IBM eServer pSeries provides leadership price/performance with high reliability and a roadmap to provide the customer with investment protection.

This IBM Redbook provides information and guidelines on how to deploy Linux on IBM eServer pSeries clusters. Topics covered include:

  • System installation

  • System administration

  • Linux for pSeries RAS and problem determination

  • Cluster Systems Management (CSM)

  • Getting started with GPFS

  • High Performance Computing case studies

  • Commercial application case studies

This redbook also includes hints and tips that illustrate particular observations discovered during the residency. Additional reference materials and Web sites have been included as well, to provide the reader with other sources of information necessary to implement Linux on pSeries clusters.

Note that this document is not a replacement for the IBM product manuals on this topic; instead, it is intended as an additional informational deskside tool to help technical professionals understand, architect, deploy, and manage Linux on pSeries clusters.

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Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
Quintero - Deploying Linux on IBM E-Server Pseries Clusters
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