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This book takes a practical approach to teaching visual modeling techniques and the UML. It uses a case study to show the analysis and design of an application. The application is a course registration system for a university. This problem domain was chosen because it is understood easily and is not specific to any field of computer science. You can concentrate on the specifics of modeling the domain rather than investing time in understanding an unfamiliar problem domain.

The problem is treated seriously enough to give you practical exercise with visual modeling techniques and the feeling for solving a real problem, without being so realistic that you are bogged down in details. Thus many interesting and perhaps necessary requirements, considerations, and constraints were put aside to produce a simplified, yet useful case study fitting the scope of this book.

For additional details on visual modeling and the UML or on applying the techniques to your application, you should consider the training and mentoring services offered by Rational Software Corporation. Details may be found at the Rational website:

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Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML
Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 0201729326
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 134

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