Introduction to Microsoft Office Project Professional

The enterprise project concept is common in project management. Microsoft Project 2003 provides solutions for managing and reporting on resources and projects for an entire enterprise. Microsoft Project 2003 has Project Professional and Project Web Access (PWA) as its main user interface components. Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003 provides the capability to create and maintain project schedules both in a standalone mode and in collaboration with your project team through the integration with Microsoft Project Server 2003. PWA is used by team members for collaboration, status and time reporting, modeling, analysis, and so on. Project managers access PWA to accept updates from resources, request or review status reports, and use other collaborative functions of Microsoft Project. Project Professional is used for all main functions of project management and contributes to the enterprise model of Project Server. Microsoft Project 2003 contains the following components that make it an enterprise solution management system:

  • Enterprise-level resource management provides a single repository for all resources.

  • Enterprise-level portfolio management enables project and resource analysis and modeling across multiple projects.

  • Intricate security model provides control over access, viewing, updating, and publishing of enterprise project information.

  • Advanced reporting capabilities allow better inner-team communication and status reporting.

  • Collaboration and global template capabilities help standardize and streamline communication and enterprise processes for more accurate and consistent data.

The enterprise concept of Project Professional includes the Enterprise Global, Enterprise Resource Pool, Enterprise Global template, Enterprise Outline Codes, Enterprise Custom Fields, and custom objects.

In a standalone mode, Project provides powerful planning and scheduling functionality to define work, organize it, make resource assignments, track progress against baseline estimates, and perform numerous analysis tasks. With the integration to Project Server 2003, all these features are expanded to provide a truly enterprise project management system. Additional functions to collaborate with your project team, establish enterprise standards, and create an Enterprise Resource Pool are also included. Access to project schedules, the save baseline function, and other enterprise controls ensures data integrity and consistency in the system.

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