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As you may know, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language . As you may also know, HTML is a language that consists of many tags that format text, pictures, and other content. These tags are what most Web pages are composed of. Some of these tags allow your Web browser to load and play Flash movies.

It's not necessary for a Flash game developer to learn HTML just so that his audience can preview his game on the Web. Flash is actually nice enough to include a feature that outputs an HTML file for the game you're currently working on. This streamlines the process by letting you upload to your Web server as soon as you're done with your game.

To export a file, go to File, Publish Settings, click on the Formats tab, and make sure HTML is checked. Take a look at Figure 13.1; you will see exactly what I'm referring to.

Figure 13.1. Exporting an HTML file


If you would like to change the name of the HTML file you will be exporting, uncheck the default names check box at the bottom.

Now click on the HTML tab. You can see the options that are available before you publish the file in Figure 13.2.

Figure 13.2. Changing options before publishing


Once you are done adjusting these settings, you can go ahead and click Publish under the OK button. If you go to where your file is stored, you'll find an HTML file there. Open it in your browser and guess what you'll see? You'll see your movie playing in your browserin HTML!

The default settings are fine for your HTML export. If you'd like to learn what all these trivial settings are for, don't be afraid to play with themyou can't break anything.



If you have the Flash plug-in installed in your browser, you can open the SWF with no HTML. It works, but you'll have less control over the settings.

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